Redefining ecommerce treasury

Let’s make trade simpler, let’s take out some of the rules and laws that are not working, to move trade faster - Jack Ma Alibaba Group

Current e-commerce situation.

Cross Currency E-Commerce transactions are inefficient

Cross-border e-commerce transaction growth is expected to hit $11 billion by 2020 in Southeast Asia alone

Existing systems are inefficient

Merchants are still somehow losing up to 5-7% of revenue in these transactions each year

Prolonged payment processes

This is because credit card cross-border transactions take 2 or more days to settle particularly in countries with currency controls

Direct impact to merchants

All of this uncertainty creates cash flow and accounting problems

Uncertainty in key business metrics

In this time merchants face risk in exchange rate fluctuation and thus the amount they will receive at settlement

Clairvoyant solves this by...

Helping businesses of all sizes mitigate Foreign Exchange (FX) risk and improve their cash conversion cycle.

01 .

Offering multi-currency pricing to merchants’ customers

02 .

Bringing same day settlement to merchants

03 .

Creating transparency for all parties

Introducing Clairvoyant.

Powered by our patent pending algorithms and crowdsourced data.

01 .

Is feasible even for many microtransactions

02 .

Is cost free and flexibly structured

03 .

Is fully compliant to MAS regulations

Benefits of Clairvoyant.

Uses a unique risk management framework informed by Call Levels’ proprietary data.


New revenue streams for e-commerce merchants


Greater global market access and economies of scale


Renewed confidence in payments systems