About Us

Leveling the Playing Field for Everyone in the Financial Market.

Our Mission

Leveling the Playing Field for Everyone in the Financial Market

We are a Singapore based Fintech Startup, operating across consumer and business verticals. Our core product is a market monitoring mobile application, “Call Levels”, that services more than 500,000 investors globally. We decided to take this a step further in June of 2017, to integrate our technology into a chatbot solution that facilitates digital transformation in financial institutions. Through automated workflows and portfolio management-oriented microservices, our solution enables more meaningful engagement between relationship managers and their clients. Our real time technology and software solution is now licensed and implemented by some of the largest financial institutions in Asia and offered to millions of their clients.

Our Story

Helping you become a more effective and relaxed trader

We have always been grounded on the conviction to empower people with equal access to intelligent financial information about the global economy, and as we took that same vision of empowering communities further, we realised the data from our products could create even more wide-reaching, impactful solutions. Call Levels’ technology empowers our customers, and our customers empower us to offer even better solutions. We are committed to this concept of empowerment through innovation and creation, unwavering attention to and passion for data, and unsurpassed obsession with improvement.

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At Call Levels, our team envisions a world where all participants in the market have the power to create the best outcomes for themselves, whether they are beginning investors, seasoned finance professionals, financial institutions, large corporates, or small entrepreneurs.

Our cross-vertical products reflect this vision and our goal of driving innovation to address pressing global needs. We have always been about creating access and empowerment, and using our data and knowledge to achieve these goals.

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