Empowering Conversational Banking

On-premise conversational AI for enterprise.

Introducing Call Levels

Your Partner to A.I. Conversational Technology.

Mobile Market Alerts

Empowering anyone to be an intelligent investor.

Enterprise Solutions

Empowering more meaningful engagement in the financial sector.

Digital Treasury Fund

Secure your rates with ForexLock.

Fintech Enterprise Solutions

Bringing our market and price monitoring technology for Financial Institutions.

Safe & Secure

Compliant to the strictest banking and finance regulation

Microservice Architecture

Full Suite of customisable Portfolio Management tools

Simple & Smart

Web dashboard interface coupled with a chatbot framework

Leveraging Data

Portfolio Analytics and Automated workflows for Relationship Managers, any time access to the markets for their clients

Web-based dashboard for Relationship Managers

Client Portfolios at a Glance

Manage client portfolios and automate deployment of cloud-based services to clients through the messaging applications of their choice. Ensure that the requests requiring your attention route directly to you.

  • Price Monitoring for Clients & Easy Alerts to Execute Trades
  • Price Feeds and Major market shift alert
  • One-click news broadcasting
  • Strategy recommendations & explanations


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